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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change.
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For this reason, as soon as he took office, Ma began to cultivate the attitude of indifference to Lee as a preparation for his inveterate opposition to the central government.

Jarecki succeeds brilliantly, because he had access to tapes and videos made by the Friedmans themselves, a family of manic talkers and inveterate home movie-makers.

Nice touch for this inveterate jazz fan is the fact that Nick owns a jazz club and who should be performing there but the excellent house band.

The problem is that Fausto, though essentially kind, is an inveterate skirt chaser, and none too discrete at that.

I have a democratic suspicion of demands for sanctity as a solution to corruption and other inveterate human failings.

Karnataka Chief Minister Dharam Singh is an inveterate television watcher, whose interests range from news to the latest family serials.

There’s plenty here to trap the unwary and baffle even the inveterate gambler!

He was a congenital reformer, an inveterate crusader.

In the meantime, you may savor the irony of how this inveterate critic of liberal media bias exposed his own bias in such an extraordinary manner.

He makes movies about problem people, often inveterate liars, who are found out, but who are so compellingly alive and above the world that people let them pass.

According to the media, people nationwide have developed an offbeat mentality characterized by inveterate hostility to the rich.

One of the pleasures of the TV show, The Simpsons is Homer’s inveterate stupidity.

The three have a lot in common with each other in their inveterate hatred of that ethnic group.

Being an inveterate gambler, the fourth son was only too glad to accept the offer.

And nobody except the most inveterate optimists expected anything dramatic.

But I don’t feel good either at the sight of inveterate smokers hanging around in back alleys looking like lost souls drifting amid poignant plumes of smoke.

In typically home-spun style, it tells the story of Bob, an inveterate procrastinator who is great at accomplishing meaningless tasks but not so hot at getting round to what really matters.

Richard M. Nixon was an inveterate Cold Warrior whose interest in domestic affairs never matched his passion for foreign affairs.

Rice, who is an inveterate networker, maintains there is no hidden motives about such a high-powered gathering other than celebrating women in business and public life in Scotland.

I will explore some of the more prominent Buddhist techniques for overcoming our inveterate dualism and the disconnected, alienated, disembodied condition it leads to.

An inveterate grassroots activist and organiser, she led the campaign to expose sterilisation abuse in Puerto Rico, where it was rampant.

They are inveterate gamblers, drink as much beer as their wages will permit, are devoted to bawdy jokes, and use probably the foulest language in the world.

Its inveterate good manners are ultimately its undoing.

An inveterate multi-tasker, she’s been a model, soundtrack composer, charity activist and personal performer to the British royal family.

An inveterate adventurer more interested in fun and international intrigue than money, Vallone disdained an airline career and signed on as a ferry pilot.

In town for the competition is Phil’s arch rival and inveterate cheat Ray and his lovely American daughter Christina.

Bill is an inveterate gambler and has forged Fred’s signature for $10,000, which he lost in a crap game.

He’s been a good friend and his inveterate optimism has been a welcome tonic to my usual cynicism.

Ever the inveterate people watcher, I used to sit in the stands and study the folk down in the boxes.

We have been in the present house for 35 years, and as an inveterate and incurable hoarder I have been faced with the need to sort things out, and decide quickly what must be kept, and what can sensibly be thrown out at last.