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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.
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The jubilant winners said they would relax for a couple of days before preparing for the television round.

The Sligo fans were definitely jubilant and dozens of camera phones captured the moment but that’s as far as it went.

And jubilant retail bosses are celebrating a similar success story throughout last year.

The streets were packed, and the mood was jubilant, as more and more policemen and women continued to pour in during the afternoon.

The jubilant crowd shrieked as the balls sailed into the stands’ perimeters and crashed into the boundary.

The two had been out together the previous night, and Montgomery appeared tired but jubilant.

By the time I returned to my mother’s, she was jubilant because she had received two phone calls to assure her that the bag was safe and well.

Students, former guerrilla fighters, police and soldiers took to the streets in a jubilant parade.

After the game the jubilant fans carried on celebrating, filling the pubs and painting the Welsh capital blue and white.

Tourism bosses are jubilant at the publicity Scarborough is receiving prior to the 2004 holiday season.

It started on election night 1998 with John Howard jubilant before an ecstatic crowd.

The mood was jubilant and Edith thought that her exile and imprisonment were finally over.

A jubilant Oxford crew spray the bubbly as they celebrate an impressive row in the 151st Boat Race.

The big fellow immediately sprinted towards jubilant home fans and was booked for throwing his jersey to the ground.

Foreign companies were jubilant, since they would get unprecedented access to the Chinese market.

But those who took part were jubilant that in their eyes the event had been “such a success”.

At Martin’s family home in neighbouring Conception Bay, however, the mood was jubilant.

More than 150 jubilant residents clapped and cheered as plans to build homes on a children’s play area were thrown out.

Mark Williams was jubilant after his title triumph ended his 26-month wait for a tournament win on home soil.

She walks slowly down a street now emptied of cars and people, but soon breaks into a jubilant run.

Just look at the delirious jubilance in York on Monday night after England scraped a 1-0 win over a woeful Germany.

When she and Cal found them there, she shouted jubilantly, “I knew you’d be here!”

Her smile was slight, one more of peace than jubilance.

When I jubilantly told my friends at the BBC and elsewhere about this bolt from the blue, they were shocked.

“I told you it was him,” said a blond-haired girl, jubilantly.

Gareth continued to laugh, and after watching his pure jubilance, Brynn found herself in laughter as well.

Eventually he explains that there is a golf competition on and our persistent jubilance is ruining it for every one.

He announces jubilantly that the drinks are on him.

His expression was full of youthful curiosity, and pure jubilance.

Amber cried jubilantly as she skipped into the theatre.