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  • an area of short, mown grass in a yard, garden, or park
  • a fine linen or cotton fabric used for making clothes
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It is the most shaded area of the garden so lawn was never going to be very successful.

You could use a herbicide that targets grassy weeds and that is safe for use on a St. Augustine lawn.

I can’t visit without buying at least two printed cotton lawn quilts at give away prices.

It has nine bedrooms and is surrounded by more than 11 acres of lawn, gardens and mature woodland.

The neighbors have a right not to have our poorly tended lawn inflicted on them.

There is dual side access to the wonderfully private rear garden with large lawn, a raised deck area and patio area.

At the moment the gardens are mainly in lawn with a patio area, mature trees and shrubs.

A white lawn shirt.

So then after they took bath they came and thousands of them sat down on a big grass lawn.

Here’s an excuse to let a section of lawn grow tall and go to hay, or plant some of it to alfalfa, red clover or oats.

Outside, most of the grounds are grassland, bordered to the south by a burn with the gardens mainly lawn.

In my yard, several square yards of lawn disappear each year to make room for more rosebushes.

a patch of lawn

If you are establishing a new lawn or landscaping, a soil test is strongly recommended.

Spliced with a dash of crisp white linen or lawn cotton, though, it becomes sharp, chic and seductive.

a croquet lawn

Her white lawn dress with sprigs of green flowers fit tightly at the waist and cascaded to the floor.

The North American lawn as we know it has a more recent history, as well as a more prosaic one.

Clay or sand, it is imperative that you remove the weeds and lawn from the bed before planting.

to mow the lawn

Mary walked up the sloping lawn of her back yard and met Todd standing by the stable.

Just a couple grubs per square foot are not a problem to an otherwise healthy lawn.

The lab results should identify problem areas with your lawn and offer solutions.

In general, avoid sowing seed of any annual grasses into a lawn of perennial grasses.

He’s been trying to turn his patchy old front yard into a lawn since early spring.

A big yard, with a lawn and garden, lots of windows, open plan, big patios, shady trees.

She was sitting in a deckchair on the lawn.

If you are reseeding or sodding the lawn, the earlier you do it in the spring the better.

Steps and cobbled walkways lead down through the gardens from the farmhouses to the lawned pool terrace.

The property benefits from lawned gardens to front, side and rear and also a single garage.