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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • very vivid in color, especially so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect.
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The main roads remind me of the roads on the outskirts of huge cities in the USA, with their seemingly endless miles of fast food joints and lurid neon signs.

And gameplay is almost as irritating as the soundtrack and lurid colours.

I will spare you the lurid details and let my description of the four tykes suffice.

What you want to do is show those lurid effects of sex and blood.

He’d made it brighter by painting all the walls in lurid yellow emulsion.

Within an hour of hearing this news I was assailed by the first of countless journalists and by next morning my son’s death was in every paper in the most lurid of terms.

We’ll see in the end, although most readers will have guessed long before all the lurid and shabby details come out.

I wore green nail polish and lurid green stockings to complete the effect.

Dr. Ink grew up reading, and loving, the New York tabloids, so he has a taste for the lurid and sensational.

The look and feel of the sets and lighting are designed to suggest the lurid splashes of colour and active space that typify the conventional comic book.

The lurid and sensational delivery by Rodriguez propels his movie forward into feeling anything but as recycled as it really is.

These prints are evenly saturated with color and a bright, almost lurid light of a consistent value.

Sexual deviance, of any kind, is a threat, and that threat must be recounted in lurid detail.

No: it’s a city whose timbers are shivered relentlessly by awful warnings that vault between a grim present and a lurid future.

We’ve become the inquiring minds who demand to know every lurid detail, with no regard for the pain that might cause.

The accompanying picture, in lurid colours, showed a robotic device grappling with a red blood cell.

She will however, still be perched behind a glass of lurid colour, only this time it will be decorated with umbrella, sparkler and assorted fruitery.

The lurid colour represents the anger of violent passion.

Climbing to the surface, the ad explodes in a fantasia of lurid colour, like a milkshake made from a pair of Jimi Hendrix’s trousers.

It provided the basis of last week’s lurid and sensational headlines.

Hank accepted a pack of lurid pink candy, figuring that Chase might like it, if his mama didn’t mind.

The poster with its lurid colours and slight diagonal people positioning pretty much sums up the movie.

At the time, the national press and television was full of the lurid details of a trial of a young Canadian teacher accused of having sex with pupils.

Details of their sexual encounters, which she spelt out in lurid detail to the hungry English press, are being repeated worldwide.

Somebody was getting off on dirty talk and we heard every lurid detail.

Given the lurid colour of road safety cameras, they are hardly a stealth tax!

The lurid details of his love life and sexual habits are, for the most part, left out - which is really a downer.

She was still delighted by the lurid colour of the vegetable.

Newspapers also report, in lurid and graphic detail, cases of abuse that these women experience.

A “lady boy” in a particularly lurid shade of pink lipstick sold me some ceramic Buddha beads.