Remember The Text



  • commit to memory; learn by heart
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If all we do is memorize a list of facts, learning history won’t do us a lot of good.

Compose fun rhymes, songs or raps to help them memorize study material and make homework fun.

The difference this time is that the student is shown the symbols and advised of their names and asked to learn and memorize them.

He studied the scene memorizing every little detail to look back on later.

I just think that the focus needs to be more balanced between memorizing facts, and learning how to figure the facts out for yourself.

Mental practice might be used while learning or memorizing a piece in preparation for performance.

Even when he is at work after school, he studies spelling words or memorizes poems taped to his broom handle.

This is the sort of approach that professional memorisers use, though they often combine it with other techniques, for example, converting digits into letters which they then turn into words.

He learnt over 10,000 proverbs by memorising them as his father, S.Parasuraman, read out from various Tamil books.

Material is learned when the pupil memorizes it and can recite it.

Lowell memorized the details of the technology and carried it back across the Atlantic.

So in my childhood there were so many splendid and memorisable moments that I can tell about them all the time.

The aim is to reduce dependency on memorization and actually demonstrate a deeper level of understanding and literacy.

Four other kids in my class and I had won a contest on memorizing the names of state capitols.

On top of this, the kids have to memorise five rhymes and learn the days of the week and the name of the months.

The aim was to develop an internal model of the music to be studied, memorizing both the notes and the way those notes were performed.

Rather, we found that superior memorisers used a spatial learning strategy, engaging brain regions such as the hippocampus which are critical for memory and for spatial memory in particular.

We acquire tacit knowledge, we learn to speak without memorizing grammatical rules.

She dialed in his number, memorizing it by heart in case she ever needed a back-up buddy to brighten her day.

Now 21, she had to study a new Concerto by Jean Absil, and with the aid of Emil Gilels playing the orchestral part she memorised the whole work by heart.

The advantage here is that the access to often used functions is really quick and memorisable but still all functions are accessible easily.

I may not be able to remember the name but I have memorised the way back.

I knew all of the cartoons by heart and pretty much memorized the text, which was also excellent.

The obvious benefit is easily memorisable names for things like web pages and mailboxes, rather than long numbers or codes.

Folklore and legends were retold by the bards, who used devices such as alliteration and rhyme, as well as a compendious store of stock phrases, to aid memorisation and recall, allowing them to instantly ‘compose’ a poem for any occasion.

His poems have been memorized and recited by ordinary people across his vast continent.

Why do we always have to throw in the pejorative word ‘rote’ when talking about memorization?

By memorizing the words of others, they learned how to structure the elements of their own compositions.