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  • the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward
  • deserve or be worthy of (something, especially reward, punishment, or attention)
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It is hard to believe that all had shown equivalent levels of merit to deserve such elevation.

The selectors deserve credit for picking fourteen players on merit.

composers of outstanding merit

He knows progress in Europe will put a greater strain on his squad than ever before but he believes he has the foundations and the confidence of knowing they are there on merit.

the results have been encouraging enough to merit further investigation

It makes no sense in a world that bases reward on merit alone, but our God operates on a different level.

Thus, the fight to improve lousy schools so that poor, bright children stand a better chance of getting to good universities on merit is utterly undermined.

A place where the system works in your favour and, by excluding others, creates for you a place where your work will be judged on merit alone.

Civil servants should be recruited on merit alone.

Prospective trust board members will be selected on merit related to the skills they possess and the skills necessary to manage this reserve.

Technical merit scores dipped as low as 5.2 to reflect the lack of jump content.

All of this clearly has the appearance of rewards based on political favoritism, rather than rewards based on merit.

In its structure the ruling elite reflected a world of order and hierarchy in which promotion and status were rewarded on merit.

University admissions requirements will vary from institution to institution, but are likely to expect either a merit or a distinction grade.

A fair process for appointing candidates on merit must be at the heart of the new system, based on advice from the Equal Opportunities Commission.

I worked hard on my college resume so I could get in based on merit.

For me, he is a good player and deserves the European player of the year on merit.

England’s top sides are where they are on merit.

In turn she sues the government for a position she deserved on merit.

A direct result of this tragedy was the Pendleton Act in 1883, which sought to make entry into the service dependent on merit rather than on reward.

Further, since he owed nothing and gave an infinite gift, he acquired merit and deserves a reward.

Whether it’s a serious enough offense to merit professional sanctions I’ll leave to others to decide.

I wouldn’t support any system that wasn’t based purely on merit.

if you expect to pass, why not go for a merit or a distinction?

Trouble is, we couldn’t think of many other people who deserved awards on merit.

Some senior judges fear that an emphasis on appointing more women and ethnic minority judges would mean that appointments would no longer be based solely on merit.

However, the shortage and hence high price of particular skills can often be significant enough to merit the attention of a strategic assessment.