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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • sullen and ill-tempered.
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Except there is a very sour, very morose and desperate essence in his interpretation.

And yet, you feel, he is unhappy with the popular image of him as a morose and stern man.

Then, feeling a bit morose and at a loose end, I headed for the bar.

Last night I spent relaxing on the couch and trying to shake off my morose mood, and I think it worked.

But each time, the spells of euphoria passed as quickly as they came and he would be morose.

He became morose and silent.

His lyrics have grown less morose and more philosophical, and he sings them with newfound expressiveness.

I got fed up with people in America thinking that my music is morose and depressing and all that.

But to be honest, they all look the same to me, conceited and morose.

All are female - apart from me, and a morose younger man with cropped hair.

In the latter days he appeared morose and worried.

Have years of negative hype made him weary and morose?

And one day I might get as morose as him, and might need someone to irritate.

He stood on his own, looking morose as usual.

A morose mood of deep melancholy has descended upon me this afternoon.

He had a beautiful singing voice and a sharp sense of humour, but was also a morose weekend drunk.

An irritated glare adorned his otherwise striking face, dark and morose and very, very angry.

His morose delivery makes you uncertain whether you are supposed to laugh or cry.

Just what’s needed when everybody is feeling morose and downhearted about the economic situation.

He sensed she was feeling very morose today, and he was sure that the fact that her mother was coming back wasn’t all that there was to it.

Was a political career, he muttered morosely, really the way to spend one’s life?

Uncomfortable with his sudden moroseness, Caitlin decided it was time to leave and she rose from the chair.

The volatility and the moroseness within rise up repeatedly out of an uncontrollable inner conviction that the world stands ready to humiliate him.

“No, we can’t,” Zoë sighed, gazing morosely into the water.

I said morosely and mumbling to myself more than her… “I’m going to be 40 this year”.

I’ve progressively grown to abhor her habitual moroseness.

Buried under a layer of quilts he alternated between moodily staring at the paper, morosely changing channels, or just being a great big ill-tempered miserable lump.

He must have noticed her trepidation, because he veered from the moroseness of the topic.

Late in life, Wren morosely described his ultimate profession of architecture as “rubbish”.

I was concerned I’d slip into a mass of moroseness, but that hasn’t happened as yet.