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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • (of a role or status) existing in name only.
  • (of a price or amount of money) very small; far below the real value or cost.
  • (of a quantity or dimension, especially of manufactured articles) stated or expressed but not necessarily corresponding exactly to the real value.
  • (chiefly in the context of space travel) functioning normally or acceptably.
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One story goes that every time Yul Brynner - who as the nominal star was always in the centre of the shot - opened his mouth, McQueen, in the background, would fiddle ostentatiously with his hat.

Our guides will be available at a nominal charge fixed beforehand.

Of particular interest, a nominal roll of all participants (including non-Australian contingents), will be included as an appendix.

All of these are nominal dimensions and we have to remember that there are always some tolerance spreads in brass.

It is expected that there will be a nominal charge.

For threads in wood larger than about one-inch nominal diameter, it is difficult to avoid incorrect threading, especially at the start of the helix.

Whatever their nominal service rank, they are the ones who deservedly carry the public’s trust.

Also, almost half of those surveyed said they would be willing to pay a nominal charge for countryside access.

The government plays a nominal role in dictating policy because it cannot monitor local fisheries or enforce fisheries regulations.

During the criminal proceeding, the accuser’s name and most of her history received the nominal protection of Colorado’s Rape Shield Law.

First, check that your name is on the nominal roll.

There are then individuals for whom religion plays only a nominal role in constructing a sense of self and of group membership.

If the ambient temperature exceeds 20 degrees, the nominal length of the beam is longer than when calibrated in the laboratory.

Already “wage slaves”, they will increasingly sacrifice their nominal freedom for state controls that guarantee social security and pagan hedonism.

Spacecraft operations engineers take control of the satellite after it separates from the launch vehicle up to the time when the satellite is safely positioned in its final nominal orbit.

However, this sort of construction seems to be quite rare, and I haven’t been able to find any similar examples involving conjoined nominal heads.

Indeed, the nominal part of this prepositional phrase is not in the nominative case.

Whilst he is the nominal main character, it is in fact on Mrs Loyer on whom the play depends.

The picture remains a pastoral scene with a nominal biblical context: a celebration of landscape immersed in vague wistful reverie.

In 1822, assisted by the British, he sent an expedition to Mombasa, whose rulers, the Mazrui family, owed him nominal allegiance, but who were seeking independence.

For the nominal charge, individual cubicle rooms are provided as well as three substantial meals a day.

If the resolution is passed, the UN’s role will be reduced to a purely nominal one.

A nominal measure is, for example, 1,435 meters.

Blake responded that his role at the school board was nominal, and that he actually had very little to do with what goes on at the central school board office located right next door to his own.

In that case, BMW could demand repayment of the £500m loan it granted to keep MG Rover going, when Towers and his colleagues bought it for a nominal £10.

During the transition, inflation would lower real rates; nominal rates would adjust incompletely.

There is a nominal charge of €3 for non-members at the door - all are welcome.

Since injection into orbit the spacecraft’s behaviour has been nominal.

They are supplying “mission control” with a steady stream of valuable data and all systems are nominal.

All the piers had nominal diameter of 13 inches and were 25 feet deep.