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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • a person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation.
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The gelding’s new trainer may try to capitalise on Captain Corelli’s novice hurdle status before reverting to chases.

Apparently the horse jumped particularly well and his trainer expects him to make a big impression in novice chases.

None of us had been skating in ages, and one was a complete novice.

If you are a complete novice I wouldn’t worry about spending much time here.

Louise, a fellow novice, and I are in excited anticipation.

Persistent weeds are a common problem for both the novice gardener and the professional farmer.

He ended up losing to Michael Burgess, a medical doctor and political novice.

Watch for an Irish outsider in the supreme novice hurdle and an Irish winner of the Coral Cup.

These words from Jeremiah were engraved on a plaque on our dormitory wall when I was a novice with Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

He joined the monastic order as a novice, and studied the Hua-yen ching with Chih-yen.

He was a decent novice hurdler, who took to fences really well, initially.

Galileo had a mixed education, starting at a monastery school in Vallombrosa where he entered the order as a novice, against the wishes of his father.

He ended last season by winning the Scottish Champion Hurdle, then injured himself in his first novice chase.

But that was before the Queen’s horse, Shining Strand, won a novice hurdle race at Wetherby.

A useful novice chaser two seasons ago, the Ferdy Murphy-trained gelding showed all of his old sparkle as he took the spoils.

While the LSO no longer directs the pilot down, he is constantly giving advice if required and can be a calming voice for the inexperienced novice.

A friend who is a novice in an Episcopal religious order recently told me that she has no taste now for books of contemporary spirituality.

Similarly, a young novice entered St. Martin’s cell and was puzzled not to find him there.

he was a complete novice in foreign affairs

Captain Christy, ridden by Bobby Beasley, remains the last novice to have won chasing’s blue riband event.

Whether novice monks will result from that I don’t really know.

One confessor ordered Veronica Giuliani to kneel while a novice of the order kicked her in the mouth.

Both were described in the future tense since both took place in the context of the Eucharist, of which the novice had no direct experience.

the novice hurdles

The document format provided to him was sufficient to accommodate even a novice computer user.

Karanja has what it takes to make a high-class novice over hurdles this season and, with Andrew Thornton in the saddle, he can begin this new phase of his career on a high note.

Now 68, he’s taught more than 4,000 students, from novice to expert.

Cornish Rebel made a successful start to his chasing career with victory in a novice chase at Lingfield.

Success also came for Phil Stanley who won the novice sculls in confident style.

Is there a potential that there will be some novice monks among them?