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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one.
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He is even more taciturn when he drives, often appearing oblivious to any other presence.

They seemed completely oblivious of the thousands of cars, buses and lorries thundering past.

Maybe I’m regularly subjected to it whilst I wind my merry oblivious way up and down the country.

This is also a favourite hang out for the local underage kids to smoke cigarettes out of the view of oblivious parents.

Our council seem impervious to criticism and oblivious to basic common sense.

He was very well paid by the corporation but was apparently quite oblivious of the mess into which his company was plunging.

In essence, and oblivious to the purists, the economics simply don’t stack up.

I was not young enough to be oblivious to what was going on and not old enough to know what to do about it.

The wonder is that most of the Cabinet seems supremely oblivious - or dismissive.

As oblivious of stoplights as he was of pedestrians, he owned the streets.

His eyes were closed and he was completely oblivious to what was happening around him.

It’s amazing how you can be completely oblivious to something on your own doorstep.

Unbelievably, they can walk among their victims, oblivious to their humanity.

Meila was asleep and unconscious, oblivious to the days that had already happened.

This government is just as oblivious to the suffering of Bahamians as ever before.

As if I was somehow oblivious to the fact that he had to pick and dig and drill and scrape away at my tooth as it valiantly clung to my gums.

The moment passes and my partner continues breathing deeply, oblivious to my little dialogue.

She burst into tears, incredulous, a reaction to which Allen seemed oblivious.

Are commuters with glazed expressions dashing hither and thither oblivious to all around them?

Blanche was oblivious as to what was taking place, but Anthony knew only too well.

When she’d woken up, there’d only been Raven left, sleeping obliviously.

Chen also takes photos of his daughter, whose sunny, carefree smile betrays a complete obliviousness to her father’s mental state and underscores the artist’s own dark perspective on the world.

Dinner was served a few hours later, and Rei seemed to be the only one that was obliviously happy.

She lowered her voice as she spoke, obviously buying Mal’s act of complete obliviousness, but when I kicked his foot he kicked mine straight back and squeezed my hand, and I knew he could hear her.

In fact the case is a perfect illustration of an utterly commonplace phenomenon: the mainstream media’s obliviousness to its own liberal bias.

Those on stage were the only people talking now, for the room was deathly silent except for those that recited their lines obliviously and pranced to and fro about the stage.

He has famously claimed to prefer country music over other pop genres, and numerous cultural critics have pointed out his blissful obliviousness toward the arts.

There’s a perverse obliviousness to the fact that we equate our national security and welfare with foreign policy that deprives others of the liberties we supposedly cherish.

Cadona and her troop continued moving obliviously forward.

Without noticing, my mind focused on the three words that were crossed out near the center of the entry, and I closed the notebook obliviously, diverting my attention to the look on Mom’s face.