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  • (of an argument or statement) seeming reasonable or probable
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In the present state of our knowledge delle Vida’s argument is plausible but not decisive.

Martin had a way of making a very plausible argument for resettling the Karma circle back on it’s axis.

The chain comes to an end where neither your plausible responses nor mine change as the reasoning continues.

I can’t imagine any plausible reason to think that the CIA had a hand in this, however indirectly.

This is a fairly plausible rationalist explanation of how magic can work.

Each version of the letters gives plausible reasons as to why the sender wants the money holding in a British account.

These are all plausible objections to globalization as the defining element in contemporary order.

Rough weather and running out of diesel are not very plausible reasons.

If they are representative, the only plausible answer is to consider their supposed ideology.

The only plausible reason appears to lie in the quantity of kebabs which are prepared here each day.

There is a plausible argument for the respondent on the following lines.

They had only got seconds to make up their mind because he was so plausible.

They have plausible arguments to put forward, and these we must try to answer.

The people involved in this scam are very plausible but they are not qualified tradesmen.

Schopenhauer has a very clear and plausible answer: location in space and time.

Charming and plausible though they are, they can only ever see us as resources to be used.

However, there is another equally plausible candidate for the role of villain.

There is little on the military career that made him a plausible candidate for governor.

The conclusion must be reached that it is bad management on your part unless there is some other more plausible reason.

A reasoning becomes plausible if it is logical and if there is empirical support.

Of course, he’s horribly plausible and a formidable election campaigner.

There is no plausible reason and explanation why the amount should be increased.

The Liberal Democrats might wake up, go out and at last find a plausible candidate for prime minister.

He may be the most plausible Minister, but he does not create policy; he creates a kind of fog.

There’s no plausible candidate out there that wouldn’t be a massive improvement in almost every way.

In every case they are very plausible and gain the confidence of a trusting generation.

Reddin makes a plausible argument that they were also the beginning of Wild West shows.

Kurt knew what the homework was, he just wanted a plausible reason to talk to Lester.

There is no definite answer, but if the question itself is analysed a plausible answer might be found.

Only the public service side has a plausible argument for public money.