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  • a small spiny fish that has an armor of overlapping plates and lives chiefly in cooler coastal waters.
  • a pan for cooking eggs or other food by poaching.
  • a person who hunts or catches game or fish illegally.
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While the cups of the egg poacher can also be made of stainless steel, it is most important to find one with non-stick cups for the eggs.

the young Ukrainian is a real goal poacher and can put away chances most strikers wouldn’t even attempt

Alternatively, the truly easiest way to make poached eggs is with an egg poacher.

Briefly considered buying an egg poacher but then I tried Carla’s recipe for scrambled eggs.

an egg poacher

There are less than 200 of these wild cats left in Thailand and therefore it is difficult for hunters and poachers to find them.

The giant panda has become highly endangered, threatened by illegal logging and poachers in its Chinese habitat.

The game wardens have to be heavily armed, since the poachers regularly use automatic weapons against both animals and the authorities trying to protect them.

There are only 2,000 of the bears remaining, and they’re threatened by hunters, poachers and habitat destruction.

Russian poachers catch them illegally to harvest their expensive caviar.

Prevent discoloration in the bottoms of double boilers or egg poachers by adding 1 teaspoon vinegar to the water in the bottom pan.

However, failure to catch any poachers has led police to believe that an organised gang is behind the apparent drop in wild deer numbers.

For years conservationists have fought to protect South Africa’s elephants from poachers and hunters, but now it seems that they may have been too successful.

A clampdown on salmon poachers in North Yorkshire has been announced following reports of an increase in numbers of fish returning to the rivers.

The government has lost control of the eastern parts of the country and poachers freely hunt down elephants for their ivory.

He was determined not to let poachers get to the eggs.

In the past, when it is said that you could literally walk across their backs there were so many salmon running our rivers, then perhaps the poachers did little harm, but that is hardly the case today.

Anyone trying to take fish during the close season is breaking the law, and the agency is warning that fisheries enforcement teams armed with high tech equipment will be patrolling known hotspots to protect the fish from poachers.

He believes Chinese ivory dealers are entrenched in Africa, dealing directly with the poachers to supply China with high volumes of moderately priced ivory.

The poachers hunted rhinos into local extinction by the late 1980s.

The conservancy employs 55 scouts to check on the rhinos’ whereabouts and to catch poachers.

The elephant population alone dropped by more than 80 percent as poachers hunted them for ivory.

It has been estimated that in the 1960’s, poachers were responsible for approximately 20,000 lion deaths per year in Serengeti National Park.

In just one decade, poachers have hunted the species to near extinction.

Biologists estimated that there were no more than 250 Siberian tigers left in the wild; dozens were being killed each year by poachers who hunted on foot, by car, and by helicopter.

The aim of the trip was to see the Great White shark in its natural environment, and to learn more about the species and the poachers and fishermen who hunt it for trophies or for their fins.

The scouts usually catch five or six poachers a month as well as confiscating thousands of snares.