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  • begin or continue a course of action.
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If these provided a satisfactory outcome, open and official negotiations could then proceed involving elected representatives.

City council on Tuesday noted it was quite possible the project might not proceed this year because of the delays caused by the objection.

Why would we want to proceed with a course of action that is unjust, unwise and completely unnecessary?

She also said that the ambitions of hundreds of school leavers had been thrown into disarray by the Government’s decision not to proceed with the courses in September.

After the decision to proceed with transplantation, she began to experience feelings of anxiety and fear.

On July 17 we received approval from the department to proceed with the placing of an advertisement for the appointment of consultants to prepare the contract documents.

But he denied reports on Chad’s latest threat, saying bilateral co-operation continued to proceed.

How will the negotiations proceed and when can a conclusion be expected?

She had no inkling of how to proceed, but quickly moved forward and sat down by the fire.

Your Honour, what that would demonstrate is that the plaintiff proposed to seek to proceed against Baxter.

the consortium could proceed with the plan

Hamilton and Windsor elected to proceed by way of litigation.

The Cemetery Committee will now proceed with the project of erecting the Remembrance Plaque, which will be unveiled at the annual celebration of Holy Mass later this year.

the ship could proceed to Milwaukee

we can proceed with our investigation

Based on the cases cited, the action cannot proceed for want of evidence.

Whatever the case, please acknowledge receipt of this mail via my e-mail address If your response is positive we shall proceed immediately without any delay.

And it’s interesting, because I was uncertain whether they were going to proceed forward.

from the High Street, proceed over Magdalen Bridge

Rather than reconfiguring the Court in one fell swoop, they must proceed member by member, as justices die or leave voluntarily.

Do you say you can proceed against Aboriginal native title claimants for trespass if they happen to wander across any part of your tenement?

Levinson will remain as a defendant and the action will proceed against him and the other three defendants.

The debate can not proceed at the slow pace to which academics are accustomed.

If his pleadings are struck, Ms. Mellon may proceed immediately to trial on an uncontested basis.

‘Unfortunately neither the Rotary Club in the Ukraine nor the authority there has any money to proceed with the project,’ said Mr Goldthorpe.

It did fall 12 votes short in the motion to proceed to continue the debate.

‘It’s hard to imagine if the Government is going to proceed with something as dramatic as this, it would not have a business plan,’ he said.

But a responsible political leader is not at liberty to proceed in that manner.

We were able to, of course, proceed with our work by the end of the day.

he did not proceed to university in his seventeenth year