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  • institute legal proceedings against (a person or organization)
  • continue with (a course of action) with a view to its completion
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Do we forget to speak out when police don’t arrest, when prosecutors don’t prosecute, and judges don’t grant protective orders?

And he is not - Roosevelt could prosecute that war and obviously did it effectively.

The authority has pledged to prosecute anyone responsible.

It is an issue which we take very seriously, and we will continue to prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law.

In such cases the onus is on the prosecution to prosecute.

And the administration says, this is the reason it continues to prosecute the war and continues to try to pour more resources into intelligence.

Both Plaintiffs lacked any capacity to prosecute this Claim.

Does the world want to indict and prosecute crimes against humanity?

There were complaints that the Supreme Cassation Prosecution led by the Chief Prosecutor failed to vigorously prosecute serious criminal cases.

The result is, that it may be some time before courts are in a position to prosecute these offences and they make take a long time for the police to complete investigations.

I am waiting for permission to prosecute my craft.

Universal jurisdiction entitles a state to prosecute an offence even in the absence of any connection based on nationality, territory, or the protective principle.

Or does he believe that a bold enough feint will allow him to continue to prosecute this war with his original plan?

We need them to convince us that they have a firm, agreed and coherent strategy for continuing to prosecute the odyssey upon which they have embarked.

the company didn’t prosecute because of his age

Even so, it continues to prosecute its own campaign against police methodology.

This is a case of an omission or omissions by the appellants as the respondent’s solicitors: the failure to prosecute his claim with due diligence which led to his counterclaim being struck out.

a serious threat to the government’s ability to prosecute the war

The local government would then still have the ability to close and prosecute a sub-standard establishment, and control the location and number of such places in their area.

Revenues from oil exports, which began in August 1999, bolster its ability to prosecute the war and even develop its own arms industry.

As a matter of law and as a matter of discretion, I think that justice requires the claimant, if it wishes further to prosecute its new claims, to do so in a fresh action.

As to the procedural merits, persons wishing to engage the jurisdiction of the Court must prosecute their claims with due diligence and speed.

For more than a year, he bravely stood against popular opinion and in favor of prosecuting the war.

Eighty-eight men died prosecuting his war and he didn’t know the number.

The special prosecutor concluded, however, that his actions did not constitute a prosecutable offense.

She said several people were successfully prosecuted for breaches.

In many instances, the available evidence does not rise to the level of prosecutable action.