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  • lying stretched out on the ground with one's face downward
  • lay oneself flat on the ground face downward, especially in reverence or submission
  • (of distress, exhaustion, or illness) reduce (someone) to extreme physical weakness
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Interestingly, Rembrandt overpainted the figure of a prostrate woman at Christ’s feet with the present kneeling figure.

Your teacher will not wear curious robes or expect you to prostrate yourself every time he or she enters the room.

To the left of the prostrate face-up male figure appears a female figure with a highly piled coiffure.

They are decumbent, not prostrate, so that the young branch tips point upward.

Some of the people around me lay prostrate on the ground, while others milled around, looking, pointing and whispering to each other.

Still, however, a Buddhist will prostrate himself and bow his head to the floor three times in front of a Buddha image or a monk as a sign of respect.

I once had to step over his not inconsiderable prostrate body to get to my table, after he had clearly been “enjoying’ a rather “lively’ lunch.

I soon settled in for some rigorous study, busying myself with my alternately prone and prostrate experiments.

The Ballroom went instantly silent as everyone stared at my father’s prostrate figure.

How long will the mainstream media lie prostrate for this kind of insulting and deeply contemptuous nonsense, which weakens our nation and leaves us more vulnerable to attack than we were before?

I don’t actually suffer from it in real life, but in dreams I often find myself lying prostrate and petrified on top of a building, afraid to stand up.

A few of the medics rushed over to kneel and check the prostrate figures.

While strolling, I caught sight of a half-naked, deformed figure lying prostrate on the pavement.

The duckweeds grow in a prostrate orientation upon the surface of water and rely on the buoyant forces of their environment for support, rather than lignified structures.

He has been allowed to keep his sword but the next time he swings it around his head and demands that opponents fall down and prostrate themselves in front of him, the sound of muffled laughter will be difficult to suppress.

In that area, natural Atriplex cover was very low, with only some prostrate plants growing on creek banks.

They throw their crowns before this throne and prostrate themselves as servants of this Lord, singing.

The contact looked innocuous enough but it left the big Glasgow prop prostrate on the ground, his body convulsing in a way that ensured the medics lost no time going to his aid.

Older studies noted that runners, stolons or prostrate stems of many plants became more erect when shaded.

Her eyes immediately fell upon the lone prostrate figure on the bed.

This is a fascinating, frustrating, entertaining and perplexing voyage through his psyche: a posthumous psychoanalysis in which the prostrate subject never gets the chance to sit up and protest.

And when the Earth itself has been laid prostrate?

P. myriophylla is a woody subshrub that forms patches of prostrate or decumbent stems often rooting at the nodes.

Another (even greater) problem was that she was unwilling to submit to her dictates or prostrate herself in abject submission.

For my part I was silent on the cause of my own absent-mindedness - the lasses had by now vanished into a studio - and, whilst accepting the proffered hand with which to rise from my prostrate position, observed the man.

The sermon was accompanied by such divine power that the whole congregation, except one man, fell prostrate upon the floor, and voiced their agony under conviction of sin, in such loud outcries that the preacher was forced to stop.

Sometimes he was on my legs, other times he was stretched out prostrate across my torso.

Carrying her prostrate figure, he straightened and threw our direction one triumphant look before encasing them both with his majestic wing and fading into nothingness.

So many women would have been hysterical and prostrate with grief by this stage.

According to a storekeeper, at about 9: 10 pm, a man was spotted prostrate on the ground by a police car.