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  • follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them
  • (of a person or way) continue or proceed along (a path or route)
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should people pursue their own happiness at the expense of others?

I guess they’re concerned whether an FBI agent will come out and pursue this so-called active investigation.

At the end, it was clear that Bessy had succeeded in infusing her passion for dance into the hearts and bodies of her students, and is now ready to pursue her latest goal: freedom.

But we must pursue and accomplish our goals of building Inuktitut resources and curriculum.

He pointed out that with an open economy such a tax may reduce foreign investment in the taxing country and increase overseas investment, but he did not pursue this argument.

And the correspondence is evidence that he was not alone in thinking along those lines, even if he did pursue the idea more single-mindedly than others did.

So you think, even though they agreed today for this dignified statement, they still continue to pursue a concept of blaming the dead?
Popper’s career did not pursue any steady course through the 1920s.

Cities must have true authority over land-use planning and the power to pursue progressive growth policies and manage density, form, and design.

Like Haynes, Fassbinder was a cinephile who used Hollywood’s tropes to pursue his own sexual and political agendas.

Without the Student Loan Scheme, university students would continue to pursue the lofty academic courses whose demise is being so sorely lamented.

the council decided not to pursue an appeal

In some cases, the knowledge necessary to pursue such a path proves too elusive for a student to follow, and we all lose a friend along the way.

The core of feminism is about choice, and the right to pursue one’s life goals, whatever those are.

But all actions have their consequences, and to pursue such a path requires a certain hardening of the heart.

He wanted secretly to pursue a more artistic path but his circumstances seemed to make that unattainable.

I realised that I did not have to continue working as a joiner anymore and could pursue my path as a yoga teacher.

A stalker who tried to pursue a Lady Chatterley-style relationship with an Earl’s daughter has been given a suspended jail sentence for flouting a court order to leave her alone.

Both Casim and Roisin have broken with any sort of religious orthodoxy and are merely seeking to pursue their relationship and lives unhindered by family and social pressures.

Andrew was determined to pursue a computer career

Birkeland continued to pursue his ideas, but over time the quality of his work declined.

The paper’s second agenda is to examine why so many women choose to lend out their money and pursue a different entrepreneurial path than that envisioned by village bank planners.

Last spring, Alexis O’Hara brought her third year of organizing the Montreal Slam to a halt in order to pursue her own artistic goals.

However, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman insisted that Britain and the US were continuing to pursue the same course.

Researchers around the world continue to pursue the idea, however.

The stalls put up by some catering institutes and agencies for higher education abroad came in handy for those who wanted to pursue special courses.

However, I can see that eventually, if I continue to pursue my current path, I am going to have to make that decision.

It’s one thing to examine the options, it is another to pursue a determined course of action to achieve a concrete result.

This is meant to encourage researchers to pursue their ideas more freely if the payoff is potentially significant.