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  • a warm bed covering made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching, typically applied in a decorative design
  • join together (layers of fabric or padding) with lines of stitching to form a bed covering or a warm garment, or for decorative effect
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He slept on bracken, the only concession to comfort a down quilt and a patch of woollen red plaid, often seen wrapped around him as he went about his business.

They showed a keen interest and curiosity in the ways that our national quilt was knitted.

the roof space should be insulated with a glass-fibre quilt at least 100 mm thick
The next morning, she was fast asleep in her warm bed under an old quilt.

more than one bloke I’ve seen Joe quilt good and proper
The two had their own rooms on a king-size bed that had a firm mattress but soft, fluffy pillows with a huge warm quilt and light sheets.

He had a quilt to keep him warm while he traveled and has a family waiting for him when he arrives at Walter Reed Army Medical center.

A homemade quilt is more than a covering to keep people warm; it is a form of folk art - part of our heritage recalling the ingenuity and creativity of our pioneers.

My grandma knitted me a quilt for a wedding present and we had had it for 15 years and it was on the back of the couch.

She lay down on the only comfortable furniture provided: a cotton bedroll with a woolen quilt to keep her warm and feather-stuffed pillow for her head.

The hand knitted quilt was displayed at the guild’s monthly meeting which took place in the Green School on Monday, April 10.

Circus Bed Quilt was reproduced in the Ladies, Home Journal with instructions for reproducing the design as a cloth quilt.

She could feel the warm quilt wrapping her body, cushioning her bruises.

Nothing I like more than being warm and cosy under a 2-layered 15 tog quilt.

A special thanks to Angie Hayes who came up with the idea and the design for the quilt , purchased the materials and made the templates.

Part of the popularity of stripy quilts was due to the ease with which they could be planned and made - broad strips sewn together by machine then quilted with patterns that only had to fit into a strip width.

The quilt with the numerous calico prints provides more surface design than the quilts made from plaincolored fabrics.

Occasionally, a stenciled bedcover was pieced with traditional quilt blocks but was not quilted.

The walls were hung with blankets and quilts for insulation, and it looked quite merry next to the somber dirt floor.

The fabric is quilted diagonally and is well suited to a barn jacket styling.

Her interests were sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening, carding wool for quilts and making feather pillows.

Reupholstering an existing armchair and draping a round table with pale ivory quilted fabric adapted them to the updated color palette.

Many of these patterns - with descriptive names such as Log Cabin, Grandma’s Fan, Double Wedding Ring and Broken Star - are still popular with quilters today.

I roll over, snuggling deeper into the warm quilts, hoping to slip back into sleep.

Many quilters use patchwork to create wall hangings.

These quilts, which had been pieced by Mama’s mother, and then quilted by her and her sister, had been tucked away, put in reserve, and not because they were being temporarily stored for the summer.

It features a 100% anti-pill polyester micro fleece upper lining and quilted nylon lower lining and sleeves.

We quilted the covers with parallel lines of stitching, 2 12 inches apart; you can omit the quilting if you prefer.

Our room was waiting - window flung open onto a little garden, pink washed walls, faded quilts , towels smelling of fresh air.

Or, drape attractive throws or quilts on each chair for your guests to wrap around their shoulders to ward off the night air.