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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • displaying or proceeding from a lack of careful consideration of the possible consequences of an action.
  • an area of reddening of a person's skin, sometimes with raised spots, appearing especially as a result of allergy or illness.
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The thought of measles may bring to mind the red, blotchy rash that often accompanies this disorder.

Equity markets are reeling following a rash of corporate scandals.

During her inpatient stay, this woman developed a painful, unilateral erythematous rash in a butterfly distribution.

The rash appears because part of the immune system is overly sensitive to irritation.

Most call-centre vehicles do have phone numbers displayed, to complain about rash driving.

Someone mentioned that there has been a rash of suicides in British juvenile detention.

Just like they said when those very same refineries were shut down because of a rash of accidents, it was going to cost us.

The rash of school shootings in recent months has drawn national attention to this problem.

What’s with this recent rash of injuries plaguing the Gang Green?

Last week, there was a rash of thefts from vehicles parked in SFU parking lots.

Could I really destroy the chances for the whole group in one rash decision?

Apart from Rooney’s rash moment, which even then was silly rather than truly incendiary, the players emerged with credit.

Many babies between the ages of 4 months and 15 months get diaper rash.

Her future takes a dramatic turn when she follows an uncharacteristically rash instinct and travels to the slums of Bombay.

Five people were killed and 86 injured in the rash of bombings on Dec. 12.

Now is not the time to make any rash decisions, “ she said.

You are infectious from about two days before the rash appears until roughly five days after.

Similarly, oregano oil wipes out a fungus called Candida albicans, which causes diaper rash and other ailments.

The reformist troops weren’t rash or impetuous enough to do something so drastic without direct orders.

Her parents said she did not have the rash often associated with the infection.

The only certain way of avoiding poison ivy rash is to avoid the plant.

The rash of strikes on the railways and elsewhere should quickly disabuse them of that delusion.

a red itchy rash appeared on her legs

next day he broke out in a rash

So in reality her quick thinking and rash acting had caused Jeff to faint.

There certainly has been no idle chatter preceding this 2000 decider, no rash predictions.

More important, there was no rash of accidental shootings by women in Orlando.

Chickenpox is a viral infection that causes a red, itchy rash on the skin.

There has been a rash of sightings of elephants roosting in trees that has left authorities shaken and dazed.

Have we really thought through the consequences of rash action now?