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  • at the back
  • the back part of something, especially a building or vehicle
  • bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown, especially in a particular manner or place
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Double doors lead to the rear garden, ensuring that this area is light-filled.

The overall exterior design is characterized by straight lines and a raised rear.

Horses rear in terror as the young Countess enters St Germain’s palace and screams as she seems to be swallowed into an abyss of darkness.

The protesters even attempted to approach the building from the rear, and called on TV channels to broadcast the action.

The damaged floodlights are several feet high and are made of toughened glass similar to that used in the rear window of a car.

He didn’t direct his regiment from a safer place to the rear.

He stood there for a while and watched me pour what remained of my bucket of water over the rear window, and jump to one side so it would not hit my feet.

There is a lined and padded soft roof that now has a heated, scratch-proof rear glass window.

His brigade protected the rear of Sherman’s army during the Atlanta Campaign, and was part of the Tennessee Campaign at the end of 1864.

On the battlefields we face, there are no front lines and no rear areas; there are no secure garrisons or convoys.

Ships to the rear of the line, unaware of the speed reduction, closed up in an irregular formation.

Side running boards are still available while a new rear bumper has been added.

They are shaped like Mayan temples and they rear above the light and smog with the astonishing bulk of Ayers Rock in the desert.

The rear garden has a southerly aspect and is not overlooked from the back.

She felt her baby had a better chance with new parents better equipped to rear her child.

Hundreds of trucks are aimlessly hanging around the army rear.

There is off-street parking and a paved patio area to the rear, and the gardens are planted with lawns and rose bushes.

There was a terrific crash as it “bounced’ on the front and another as the rear fell into the river.

Do those parents try to rear their child to be as like them as possible, as indistinguishable as possible from its hearing peers?
The exterior contains a spacious garden to the rear with a patio area and a boiler house.

In total the scheme provides 160 square metres of retail floorspace and 14 car parking spaces at the rear of the apartments.

Beyond it, the Cumbrian mountains rear, an impenetrable barrier.

Much of what I recall was once a large playground and green area to the rear of the site is now home to a small village of prefab classrooms.

Dad stopped on the highway, I got out, and he sped away with Mom and my five younger brothers and sisters staring out the rear window.

There are front and rear gardens and a paved patio area to the rear.

if anyone said the wrong thing, I used to rear up

Pull one of your feet up to your rear, and turn the foot outwards away from the body.

She checks her rear view mirrors, but she does not check the door.

German planners knew that Antwerp must be taken to safeguard the right rear of their armies swinging down into France, and initially allocated five reserve corps to the task.

Be sure to quickly bring your heels up to your rear in a tight tuck.