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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • renovate and redecorate (something, especially a building).
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If they undertake to refurbish the building, they can rebuild the Odeon’s dented reputation.

There has been little investment in the town hall by the district council over the past five years because its intention has always been to completely refurbish the building.

Aurora said that the agency would proceed with the plan to refurbish the heritage building so that it was well-integrated with its neighborhood.

Members of the public crammed into Bentham Town Hall to voice their concerns about a proposal to refurbish the building.

A company had been set up to manage council homes in the area and cash had already been earmarked to renovate and refurbish homes in West Leeds, including the Fairfield estate.

Mr Ryan said the €28m funding was to help upgrade and refurbish buildings and facilities used by young people.

But last week it was confirmed Blackburn with Darwen Council would build a new club house or refurbish a suitable building on land in an an area nearby, at no cost to members.

When he saw the state of the orphanage he vowed to return with enough funding to rebuild it and refurbish the facilities inside.

She said work would now begin to refurbish the building for new tenants, but officers feared a substantial amount of renovation might be necessary.

The developer will also refurbish the Castle Place shopping precinct, improving lighting, CCTV, and disabled access.

The move comes after planners refused two applications from the Police Authority to reclad the tower and refurbish the surrounding buildings.

The Catacombs Project plans to refurbish the disused buildings under the church, which is a protected structure.

St Anne’s Convent School now plans to refurbish its facilities, improve staffing levels and build a new science block.

Volunteer your family’s time by helping out at a children’s hospital or homeless shelter or building or refurbishing housing for people in need.

Renovations and refurbishments were carried out at Killadooley National School during the year and were completed at the end of October.

The plan is part of the council’s sheltered housing strategy, which includes refurbishing the building and other sheltered housing schemes across the borough.

There were joint winners of the Manchester Phoenix Award for restoration and refurbishment.

It was estimated that refurbishing the building to meet modern office standards would cost the council up to £13m.

Part of the refurbishment includes the restoration of the clock on the corner of the building.

English Heritage welcomes the proposals for the repair and refurbishment of the bridge houses.

Soon, developers started taking notice, refurbishing the old buildings and transforming them into expensive shops and condos.

Mrs Marsh said the Met’s property services department is carrying out a cost assessment of refurbishing the building in Burlington Road, as well as reviewing ongoing costs.

St Malachy’s Church, Kilcoo, reopened on Sunday, April 17, at 3pm, after extensive renovations and refurbishments.

The city council has refurbished a building opposite Sainsbury for extra offices.

The majority of those killed were teenagers celebrating at the disco and building workers refurbishing the supermarket.