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  • extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate
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While no one doubts the need for more rigorous border controls now, there are critics who say the federal government is doing a poor job of distinguishing between potential terrorists and legitimate travelers.

He is rigorous in his methods: if a picture needs a caption to explain it, he believes it has failed.

University is difficult enough with rigorous course work, steep fees and social demands, but try to imagine attending while severely disabled.

It was critical to be rigorous and thorough in that process.

Those who are principally interested in large-scale, rigorous quantitative analysis will also find only one or two of the chapters in the book interesting.

However, in the UK there are rigorous controls in place to maintain safety and standards in the stunt profession.

I was a senior this year and that meant even more rigorous courses, club meetings, and long sports practices.

The challenge then became to be physically competent enough to cope with the rigorous demands of filming, and to cut a suitably believable action hero.

There, she took ballet six days a week and had a rigorous academic course load, plus music theory, singing, and body conditioning.

Corn produced this summer could undergo the same rigorous testing we are currently seeing for this genetically engineered trait.

His is among the most rigorous analyses we’ve seen of the subject.

He was a large man, broad shoulders, muscular limbs with a well-toned body and large, powerful hands that came from his regular and rigorous combat practice with his friend.

In 1998, he cited “vigilant and rigorous control’ over costs as a main goal.

Tara had found that it was the kids who complained far less than their adult counterparts about the rigorous therapy they sometimes had to go through in order for their bodies to heal properly.

May now admits that the selection process should have been more rigorous : Participation dropped off after the business concept was chosen, indicating that many didn’t like the idea.

Instead, we undertook a rigorous financial analysis, putting the value of global brands into the quantitative context that managers have long used to evaluate assets like machinery and inventories.

To their inferiors, each official demanded rigorous implementation of orders, while bargaining with and concealing resources from those above them.

Analysis of results was extremely rigorous , and the dissertation was also noteworthy for its clarity of presentation, with complex results presented in a logical and understandable manner.

Her approach to film is not unlike that of photography: careful composition, rigorous planning of the frame, scrupulous attention to visual detail and regular use of a stationary camera.

The rigorous self-discipline of the Presbyterian work ethic, however, did not grip the Kane household.

The importance of this book lies in its clear-sighted examination of women’s subject citizenship, and its strength, in its sustained and rigorous analysis of the state’s record on it.

It will be a rigorous course used to increase your endurance, speed, agility, and muscle mass.

They had known each other since their college days, completing the rigorous interior design courses for their majors.

She hadn’t seen anyone from her school in a long time, as she had been taking courses through correspondence to adhere to her rigorous therapy schedule.

It was rigorous but after a hard day’s work, and knowing that I would know how to defend myself in a tough situation, it seemed all worth it.

Our regulatory system is the most rigorous in the world.

The agency is committed to rigorous safety testing before a variety or technology is released to the public.

The decision to merge was the result of serious discussion and rigorous strategic analysis during the past three months by the board of directors and the management team.

He has not provided any rigorous analysis or even detailed explanation of these alleged technical problems.

A more rigorous analysis could lead one to conclude that labor costs played a role.