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  • (of fruit or grain) developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating.
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And now, he’s just made one of his very best records in any genre at the ripe old age of 61.

Trees bearing big, ripe fruits of all kinds were everywhere.

“Malaysia is ripe right now for venture capital,” he said, adding it is a missing element in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor scheme.

The tree was dripping with ripe, juicy peaches that looked so soft and succulent that they’d burst in your mouth at first bite.

I looked at the date palm trees that lined the roads, dripping with lush ripe dates.

Since a miraculous cure to fix the ills of American health care is unlikely to happen quickly, to help you stay healthy to a ripe old age, what are your options?

Although the area is quite rural, local residents feared the township, which grew by 35 percent in the last decade, was ripe for development.

With five of us it was only a few hours of work, and I had a great time watching the more athletic ones hang from branches trying to grab that last far-flung, beautifully ripe orange.

I never had trouble talking to guys on the phone before, except for that first time, and now, at the ripe old age of twenty-four, I couldn’t think of anything to say.

But in my ripe old age of 29 years, I have to say I was completely disappointed by my digital viewing experience.

I ignored him still, knowing I was too high up to be seen, and picked a lovely ripe apple bigger than any he had gotten.

She liked her slight eccentricity and the fact that, despite being the ripe old age of seventy-two, she remained fiercely independent and fully alert and updated on the world around her.

I give them each some of my real buttermilk, soured just right, or a chunk of my ripe cheese.

There is no big fruit, just intense, ripe Cabernet Sauvignon and tight old fashioned tannins.

He poured himself a cup of coffee and picked a ripe, juicy peach for breakfast.

Even at his ripe age of twenty-nine, he still maintained a few secrets of his own.

Berry bushes may be bare these days, but come next summer, they’ll be laden with ripe fruit.

However, at my ripe age of 16, I didn’t care much for a car yet.

The branches greened, leaves sprouted, and blossoms sprung and turned into ripe apples.

Workplace tensions, whether related to compensation issues, unrealistic profit margins or setting rapid growth goals, can create an environment ripe for fraud.

A ripe Australian Shiraz or Californian Zinfandel might be described as beefy.

He was small and gangly for the ripe age of sixteen, unlike Christopher, who was two-years his senior and certainly looked the role of a strong handsome young man.

Alcoholic or not, most of us are ripe for a detox.

Quinces grew in the valley, and their fruits were ripe.

The time is ripe for a new focus on winning a share of the shopper that will have a shelf life well beyond the cold, hard realities of an economic slowdown.

A generation of consumers accustomed to ripe, sweeter fleshy wines from the new world will be astonished at the sheer opulence of these wines.

This is a gorgeous, perfectly ripe and totally consistent Cabernet Sauvignon.

The fruit is ripe for the picking so long as you can be bothered to pick the fruit.

The product family of vending machines is likely to be the area most ripe for radical technological development.

Amy Clarke lived in Farran House to the ripe old age of 101 and left it to her daughter, who was by then in her 80s.