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  • suddenly change direction or position.
  • neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; askew; crooked.
  • (of a pair of lines) neither parallel nor intersecting.
  • an oblique angle; a slant.
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Although the variable of educational level was normally distributed in the sample, the variable of annual income showed a sharp positive skew.

The most important effect of the skew in angle is the raised plateau of entrance court created in the eastern corner.

We devised the question sets to be, as far as possible, at the same level of difficulty in order not to bias or skew the overall results.

The per capita income variable was log transformed to reduce positive skew.

We used a log transformation for the alcohol problem index because of the strong positive skew of the variable.

We see in the subsequent section that this fairly small skew from equal frequencies nonetheless yields a substantive potential for “nonstandard” dynamical behavior.

Empirical data, however, did not always detect a statistically significant skew toward rare alleles in the allele frequency distribution.

The female skew was most evident during Saturday’s opening ceremony rebroadcast, which attracted almost three-quarters of the female audience and 66 per cent of men.

The sample odds ratio is limited at the lower end, since it cannot be negative, but not at the upper end, and so has a skew distribution.

So a definite skew to the higher income households.

In recent years we have seen more of a skew towards the High Arts and the Arts that people from more affluent suburbs tend to enjoy.

If there is no sex-ratio skew among nestlings, data regarding survival of hybrid males and females would be needed to explain the pattern noted by Bronson et al.

I hope that he does say something a little off skew and controversial on the show to spice things up.

I mean, the idea that the press is skewed toward him on this is totally ridiculous.

Additional segregating alleles are not helpful if their frequency distribution is highly skewed.

The distributions are skewed, so the medians are better estimates of central tendency than the means are.

People think teachers are against tests but the curriculum is skewed into doing them and it skews the whole of the school year.

Examination of indices of skewness suggested that the Internalizing and Aggressive Behavior t scores were normally distributed, thus meeting assumptions of multivariate analyses.

The Times is not alone for demonstrating again a “news judgment” hopelessly skewed by liberal bias.

Our sample is also skewed towards the educated.

As one of our readers noted, that poll used a sample that was obviously skewed toward the Democrats, and thus shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

You can count on us to find the answer, and to convey that information in an insulting, unfair and skewed manner.

I had a work life and a family life, but I was skewed towards the work life.

It may seem wrong to extol the virtues of the English but with such a large Lions touring party, it is always likely to be skewed towards the biggest nation with strength in depth.

There are problems with the audience profile, Brown argues, which is skewed towards older males, and the predominance of imported programs.

All the facts would be skewed and biased anyway.

The legal system is skewed towards mothers and, as a result, some women abuse this for their own means, she claims.

European understanding of our society, and of their own, is skewed by male-centered cultural biases.

Pryce did well to block his shot with his legs, but the ball skewed sideways for Mercer to crash it into the empty net.

By taking variability skewness and curtosis values into account the non-parametric and parametric test options were evaluated.