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  • wet and soft
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Surveyors, trudging barefoot through the mud, stuck flags into the soggy earth marking the city limits.

Heavy rainfall over the weekend is keeping fields soggy and tractors idle.

On this night the sky was overcast, the ground soggy from a day’s rain and the place mostly deserted.

Yes, the ground may still be soggy and it’s still cold outside, but you can still garden!

The soggy firewood was gathered, tents put up, and a line strung between trees to hang the wet gear to dry.

He spun around and crouched low behind the tree, his soggy shoes making squishy sounds.

What’s left of Hurricane Charley will make it a soggy weekend in the area, as expected.

The walkways yesterday were a deep, soggy mess that spoiled many a good pair of golf shoes and a lot of clothing.

More than six inches of rain has drenched an already soggy Los Angeles this holiday weekend.

At present the very wet conditions are not helping as the clay is soggy .

Start the jug swinging and try to insert spoonfuls of soggy cereal into the mouth of the jug while pretending to be a plane.

Both of them make great soup; and you must be here on a soggy afternoon to know how valuable a good bowl of steaming soup is.

The sodden rocket would not ignite and his soggy parachute failed to open.

If we had learned anything from our earlier soggy adventures, it was to let wetness just happen.

Lumpy custard, soggy cabbage and mushy peas are perhaps the most memorable features of school dinners in years gone by.

There are neighbourhoods that are still evacuated and a lot of soggy basements.

Jason Sorens’ dream is off to a better start than the soggy failures of the past.

On a very soggy pitch both teams served up some very exciting hurling.

I glanced sideways and verified that upon the nest of limp lettuce and soggy tomato resided no meatball pattie.

Heavy rains over East London the past two weeks have left the outfield soggy and conditions were soft underfoot.

The waffle-ice cream nexus has a sublime moment of perfection before the ice cream melts and before the waffle cools and the crust soggily succumbs to the pooling glace.

By this time a crowd had gathered, and they all watched as she straightened up soggily with the strange bird.

Steaming or boiling takes around the same time, and boiled broccoli should be carefully drained to avoid sogginess.

Wilfred stared down at his feet, and noticed with shame that the newspapers were disintegrating from their sogginess, leaving a trail of newspaper shreds in his wake.

Pastry appears again beneath the milk chocolate tart, and it is flawless, flaky and fresh, without a hint of the sogginess of almost every other restaurant tart shell.

Few people were on the road because of the mud and sogginess.

The simple bun does its duty, holding up well and resisting sogginess.

The lettuce leaves glistened with dressing, rather than sulking soggily at the bottom of the plate.

Erin deflated to his normal self and fell soggily to the floor.

Gilly glowered soggily at him from behind the overflowing basin, wielding a large sponge and a rather nasty-looking scrub brush.