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  • of or relating to space
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Eventually they realised this was caused by limited physical spatial hand activity.

spatial awareness

spatial distribution

Her work requires vast material accumulations that are vividly tactile and spatial.

The spatial qualities of sound can be exploited heavily to define an environment.

The entire urban economy becomes distorted, as does the spatial structure of cities.

The spatiality of Still’s art is lateral, extending beyond but not into the picture plane.

In my view, it effects the spatialization of the ‘author-function’.

Also, left-handed men and women are likely to have less well developed spacial awareness, suggesting that they may be more prone to accidents such as car crashes.

Normalization rather than spatialization was privileged.

For Bastin, the themes of spatiality and temporality are strongly reiterated in the festival.

This eternal space, the chora, is a particularly complex form of spatiality.

The discourse thus spatializes the subject in a much more decisive fashion than does ‘natural’ geography.

His leisurely paced Mozart allowed for all the notes to be heard and was well spatialized.

The third section closes with reflections on the spatiality of innovative relations.

To help differentiate the parts musically as well as spatially , they used two sets of instruments.

Both sections then, deal with the spatiality of being, and the role of positioning the self vis-a-vis an other.

A desire for spatialization was also evident among local residents.

Maps were not only metaphors for any spatialized knowledge, they also marked the boundaries past which intellectual inquiry had not yet pushed.

Categorizing is a form of spatialization.

Lush images of intimacy, weather and Florida landscapes will be situated within spatially evocative video projections.

The DVD contains some of the first works to use virtual reality sound spatialisation techniques.

Rather than being sequestered spatially in the library and university, the internet brings the search for information to the hands of the individual.

From long shot to close up, cinema spatialises time with different kinds of visual sequencing.

As asylums became more technologically and spatially elaborate, the collaboration between designers and asylum planners became ever more essential.

Neighborhoods also appear balanced spatially when buildings are complemented by plazas, squares, and other open spaces.

They failed to explore how these groups were simultaneously locally spatialized and globally connected.