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  • a thin, pointed piece of metal, wood, or another rigid material
  • impale on or pierce with a sharp point
  • a sharp increase in the magnitude or concentration of something
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Nowadays, we tend to celebrate those who can take a rusty rail spike to the forearm and come up smiling.

If, like mine, your lawn has soggy, poorly draining patches, spike it with a garden fork at six inch intervals.

Most people think about energy only when gas prices spike or when heating oil is in short supply.

Childhood obesity has tripled over the past 20 years, a significant spike in a relatively short time, he says.

Gradually, the glowing red material is hammered into an elegant spike.

And a sharp spike in interest rates would hurt some homeowners who have just got their foot on the housing ladder.

When only promotions are used, a brand experiences a short-term spike in sales, followed by a steady decline until sales return to relative equilibrium and normal purchase cycles resume.

Mavale was about to spin around when he felt a cold spike of metal feel its way through his thin hair.

oil prices would spike and fall again

Make a note of such spots and on a dry day go out with a garden fork and spike the areas by pushing into the lawn to a depth of about 15 cm and rocking gently back and forth before pulling out the fork.

He reached out his arm and felt a large spike protruding from a hard, scaled surface.

spike the liquid with lime or lemon juice

I nearly died when I was 13 after I got impaled on a metal spike.

There was no way to simulate a spike of that magnitude.

They can use it to spike the drinks of their victims, leaving them disorientated and eventually rendering them unconscious and unable to remember past events.

spike the liquid with lime or lemon juice

If oil prices spike upwards and inflation rises, interest rates will go up too.

We have got the posters and cards up everywhere, and my staff will be slipping drink hangers into unattended drinks to show just how easy it is to spike a drink.

Sooner or later, it’s likely that a bad harvest will occur and wheat prices will spike.

Its voracious demand for raw materials has caused prices to spike.

he doubted they would spike the entire effort over this one negotiation

Stalactites protrude from the ceiling, and stalagmites spike up from the floor.

Sometimes, a mere shut down of power or an electrical surge that emits a strong voltage spike can even destroy highly sophisticated RAID storage systems.

He was too scared to speak or move and began to shake uncontrollably as he was placed under the sharp spike.

The oil price spike.

Whether or not you can spike a mean volleyball, there is a lot to be said for being tall.

Date rape drugs are used to spike victims’ drinks, causing memory loss so they are vulnerable to sex attacks.

Not only can a low-quality power supply cause instability, it can cause damage to components over time, namely hard drives, which can be killed by a severe voltage spike.

Drinking caffeinated beverages can temporarily cause a spike in your blood pressure.