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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • sedate, respectable, and unadventurous.
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Remember, the stag do is still a deeply symbolic chance for the groom to let his hair down, so don’t make it too staid.

This site will no doubt be jarring to the casual observer more familiar with staid academic websites.

No longer limited to staid colours and boxy designs, the new Beemers are as exciting to look at as they promise to be to ride.

Now, they’re just staid old men and women in freshly pressed casual suits and middle management voices.

I envisioned a staid, quiet event in which people would come and go in silence.

It was his loud argyle socks that revealed the boyish sense of humour behind the staid visage.

British cinema is often seen as a staid and starchy affair, as lacking in feeling as it was in aesthetic passion.

It is a slick piece of work, more like a product of Madison Avenue than staid Capitol Hill.

I was expecting a slightly staid, old-fashioned choir, with little of real interest.

Recent consultation showed that residents in the capital perceived York to be a staid and an unexciting destination.

In mathematics he strove to preserve something of what seemed a more staid and sober tradition.

The normally staid company has become a lot more adventurous of late.

Every comic had a point of view and everyone avoided staid old routines based on set-piece jokes.

Some TV shows are a little bit staid and need livening up a bit.

In the end, one has to say that the age-old and staid principles of banking are more relevant in the era of retail financing.

The acting can be overemphatic and the blocking a bit staid, but the pacing is just right.

Yorkshire food is traditionally seen as staid and stodgy, but can be modern and exciting.

In those days the staid, solitary Christmas tree on The Mound with its handful of lights was the highlight of my year.

New England in the 19th century was the apex of conformity: staid, stuffy and abstemious.

Pre-Kronos, any chamber music recital was a staid affair where great music was all-important.

Young Adam is based on a 1954 novel by Alexander Trocchi, the Glasgow-born writer affiliated to the Beats, whose life and work were very much a revolt against British insularity and staidness, and against Scotland itself.

The altered tenor of Kahlua ads of the mid-1970s reflects more than the general staidness that settled over advertising in the recessionary economy of the United States.

The nickname “Aunty”, adopted in the 1960s on the model of the BBC, captured both the suggestion of staidness, and the deep affection, which the organisation inspired in its listeners.

Even the polluted atmosphere of the staidly streets seemed fleetingly fresh compared to the hazy, lamentable bitterness of the mall.

The Constitution is fascinating precisely because it is so staidly civilized: because it is not a product of, nor has it presided over fire, pestilence and revolution.

In Raisin, her hair is staidly slicked down; at Zankel, it corkscrewed out in all directions, even as her renditions of fifteen songs let loose multidimensional sparks.

Indeed, Shiri’s impassioned vocal performance clearly outstrips Lise’s, with only a certain old-fashioned staidness of approach letting the song down.

Gianfilippo Corticelli displays occasional elegance with the camera, although a few shots are staidly composed.

One of the main criticisms of political access programmes in decades past was their staidness and conservatism.

If I had staidly accepted one of those two guys, I would have forfeited the opportunity of being among those lucky ones.