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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • unnecessary, especially through being more than enough.
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Why do we have superfluous, but potentially deadly vestiges like the appendix or wisdom teeth?

Surely half the appeal is that absolutely everything in the film is completely superfluous - you could take out anything you wanted and it would still work just as well.

The use of weapons which cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering is similarly prohibited.

All the stories are simply constructed, no superfluous words, no extra images to clutter the feeling.

Everything seems to fit together perfectly, and one doesn’t catch any extra or superfluous notes.

The word “smart” in the title is probably superfluous but maybe it’s helped them sell a few extra copies.

It’s tasteless and superfluous, but not clichéd.

Even so, the game is a noteworthy hybrid of multiple genres that somehow solidly come together to create a superfluous and entertaining experience.

The two dialogue sequences here are superfluous to say the least, as are the sound effects tagged at the end.

A couple of video segments are superfluous and dreadfully produced.

And they aren’t just superfluous instruments, they make the music what it is.

No space is wasted on hallways or superfluous storage; each room leads logically to the next.

That is not because the principle of museums selling off unwanted or superfluous objects from their collection is being questioned.

Somehow, the art rests in a balance of perfect tension - every element a gimmick but no element superfluous.

Other times, he prioritizes superfluous aspects of the narrative or the set design to take over and slow his storyline down to a virtual halt.

He may have been wrong in some of his literary judgments and ignorant in some areas of literature but he was good at getting rid of what was superfluous or phoney in a piece of writing.

Unnecessary, superfluous comments waste time and try the patience of participants.

Z was always thought to be a superfluous, unnecessary letter.

But every song is compelling: not a word wasted, not one bout of frenetic strumming superfluous.

Although he claims that “indirect assassination” is not in his nature, this is exactly how he disposes of his superfluous first wife.

In England, alongside the ethos of the middle class, an aristocratic attitude was very much alive, disdaining usefulness and regarding superfluousness as the mark of the lady and gentleman.

Speaking of which, it also contains moments of brilliant superfluousness : “It was very dark inside the fish,” the second paragraph enigmatically begins.

Then, superfluously, he adds: “But I never go to parties.”

“I’ve always been rather dramatic,” she says, a touch superfluously.

The only criticism I have of this disc is that at times the music is too busy, with superfluously complicated melodies that don’t really seem to go anywhere.

She scrupulously avoids over-enthusiasm, or superfluously imaginative “reconstructions”, and in sticking firmly and respectfully to what is known, leaves scrutiny of Johnson’s character to the reader’s discretion.

This was not an ordinary injustice. It was an extraordinary injustice. The premise of terrorism is the sheer superfluousness of human life. This premise is inconsistent with civilized living anywhere.

After all, most of us have a snarky opinion or two about pop culture and most of us like to swear superfluously - what could be better than getting paid for it?

Still, there is an atmosphere of superfluousness to the story on the screen.