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  • (of a person) lying face upward
  • failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence
  • a Latin verbal noun used only in the accusative and ablative cases, especially to denote purpose (e.g., dictu in mirabile dictu 'wonderful to relate')
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The sounds of a television, which seems tuned to a crime movie, play across an obstructed vision of a rumpled bed, a supine leg and a discarded handgun.

Below each of the two buildings lies a supine male figure, with feet at left and head at right.

A supine man is roughly dragged off like a carcass.

In his supine position, his gender was obvious.

Eventually I found myself lying supine on top of one of those dilapidated benches between the lockers, pretending to sleep.

But when it came to “policing “the franchises, the Arts Council proved utterly supine.

Share prices then start to rise again, until such time that the market becomes so overvalued that our supine friends emerge once again from their hibernation.

A supine figure lay motionless under a stack of blankets.

You captured the audience’s attention on at least two occasions - while lying supine on the floor, plucking the cello that lay horizontally on top of you, and while playing Bach as you dangled from a balcony.

I lie, sweaty and supine , upon the damp bedclothes.

From my point of view, it seems I’m lying supine on some sort of a bench or table.

Characters speak in unison, repeat phrases obsessively, deliver lines supine on the floor, break up sentences illogically, or mumble sotto voce.

The same spirit of unimaginative incompetence and weak compromise and supine drift will paralyse trade and business and prevent either financial reorganisation or economic resurgence.

It was not sufficient or proper for it simply to supinely say, “Well, that is the world we have to live in.

The civil service has been politicised and emasculated to the point where it stands supinely by while constitutional proprieties are systematically shredded one by one.

I think it is tragic that we are now at the stage that we expect our politicians to lie to us, or at least not to tell the whole truth, and when this behaviour is confirmed to us, we accept it, supinely.
“Ah,” we say, “it was ever thus.

Once the thoracoscopic procedure or procedures are performed, the patient is placed supinely for the laparoscopic procedure.

In many ways, my country is still an adolescent country - we can alternate between extraordinary triumphalism and declarations that we are the chosen race, and an extraordinary supineness.

But I feel the most sincere gladness that the charge of supineness can no longer apply.

The acting tends to be either hysterical or laid back into supineness, with often sloppy diction.

The mechanical spirit, however, is never at rest, and if it is lulled into a false state of listlessness in one branch of industry, and in one part of the world, elsewhere it springs up suddenly to admonish and reproach us with our supineness .

With the patient lying supinely , the abdomen is prepared in the usual sterile manner; surgical drapes are placed.