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  • a stitch or row of stitches holding together the edges of a wound or surgical incision.
  • a seamlike immovable junction between two bones, such as those of the skull.
  • stitch up (a wound or incision) with a suture.
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If there is an angle between the anchor and the suture, the suture may have contact with the edges of the eyelet.

The basis for the confusion arises from the visible suture between somites 4 and 5, which suggests that the fusion is not complete.

Remnants of oceanic lithosphere that became trapped along the suture between the colliding continents provide important information about the pre-collisional history of the orogen.

The petrosquamous suture of the temporal bone sometimes persists.

In this experiment, different types of suture were used for each repair.

Investigations of terranes within the suture provide insights into the architecture and evolution of the Tethyan Ocean interior.

The suture between the dentary and postsplenial and splenial is partly visible on the latter, where it is marked by striae.

The zipper is created by suturing bolsters to the eyelids and then threading a separate suture between the bolsters to draw the lid over the cornea.

The addition of suture as “stay sutures” and for triangulation and for repair of anastomotic leaks may have helped reduce the blood loss.

Secure CT to skin with suture and cover incision site with vaseline gauze and/or TegadermR dressing.

Common are paired dorsal scars immediately in front of the last suture on the dorsal or dorsolateral side of the body.

The subcuticular layer was closed with 3-0 polyglycolic suture.

The surgeon closes the right atrium, right atrial appendage, and small connecting incisions with 4-0 polypropylene suture.

Following the near-near passage of the needle, both ends of the suture thread should be tied on one side of the wound.

The incision is sewn together with very small suture and usually heals quickly.

He or she places the third purse-string suture in the lowest portion of the right atrium near its junction with the inferior vena cava.

Closure of the small umbilical incision usually is done with interrupted and then continuous absorbable suture.

We calculated length of procedure as time in minutes from first incision to last suture and length of stay as operation to day of discharge.

Rarely, the internasal suture is obliterated by the fusion of nasal bones.

Another limitation is that we did not measure the effects of repairing the parapatellar incision with suture.

The wounds are closed with either suture or glue.

As these authors point out, the decision to suture is usually made rapidly, based on experience and “usual practice.”

Intraoperative examination of the heart revealed a 3.5-cm-diameter defect in the right atrium near the appendage, which was repaired with suture.

The collision was followed by rifting of the Cimmerian suture during Early Jurassic time to form a new oceanic basin between the Taurides-Anatolides and Eurasia.

With the new barbed sutures, surgeons say, they can make a small incision, then use a long needle to thread the suture under the skin to the place where it needs to be anchored and tie it at the top.

The infraorbital canal may be shifted laterally as far as the suture between the maxilla and zygomatic bones.

If the wound shows no signs of infection, necrosis, or residual contamination it can be closed by suture or a split skin graft.

The wounds are closed with subcuticular polyglycolic acid suture and steristrips.

An interlocking suspension suture is then used to deepen the cervical mental angle, suspend the submandibular gland, and define the jaw line.

Surgeons might loosely stitch a suture and then let the polymer tighten itself.