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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
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Bell was also a sycophant, a Yes man, who could shift his political stance in a heartbeat, talk in circles and dodge any important decision making.

As time has passed, the meaning of “faithful dog” has changed entirely as when, nowadays, the term is used to describe someone who behaves like a sycophant toward some powerful politician.

Surrounded by hot chicks, condescending art critics, lawyers, art collectors and sycophants, the film includes one truly inspiring moment.

Yet, in the boardroom, the deputies’ opinions count for next-to-nothing: their deference and sycophancy are palpable.

However, they’re surrounded by sycophants, so they hardly ever get any constructive criticism.

Such an approach belongs to sycophants and losers.

I guess some people thought I was a creep, offering sycophantic praise of someone who happens to be my boss.

If everybody spoke openly it would help break down the art world’s habitual paranoia and sycophancy.

There is a public face to this film which it wears to interact with its audience - a face that is comforting, familiar, sycophantically seeking to reassure us with the empty surprises it assumes we all crave.

A sycophantic business press worshipped at their shrine.

I not only love movies, I’m also fascinated with the larger star-making machine that is Hollywood and the sycophantic press that supports it.

It’s also sad that these returns are being so sycophantically praised because if you’ve listened to the records you’ll know that despite all the fanfare, not one of them is quite as brilliant as we’re being told they are.

There will be several servile sycophants who will come forward as “White Knights” to regain their lost positions.

Needless to say, if you only look at what your sycophants write, you’re not going to gain much.

On the front row only parents, no fashion media darlings gasping sycophantically, scribbling furiously before sharpening their talons and publishing crippling reviews.

This was a man so obviously lying to himself and others - so obviously acting a part - that not even the toadies and sycophants lined beaming along the front row of the hall could have believed a word of it.

Add to that a lifestyle that combines considerable wealth with plenty of free time at a young age, throw in a seemingly unlimited supply of sycophants and it should be no surprise to see the subject destroyed by his own success.

History shows that many kings met their tragic ends because they did not pay heed to the advice of faithful courtiers, preferring the honeyed but false words of sycophants.

I suppose there was the inevitable, uncharitable flicker of hostility towards a woman who could, in this day and age, devote herself with such sycophantic subservience to men.

Sick of the sycophancy and self-absorption all around her, why she flings herself into an affair with a comedian, desperate for media attention, is never made clear.

We would rather be that voice than the voice of the sycophants and bootlickers and those hoping for a spot at the trough.

But even if his motives had been pure, he would never have been able to succeed without using his every base political skill, from the lies to the bullying to the sycophancy to the corruption.

“They want sycophants rather than allies,” said the head of one think tank.

And I suspect that it was this sense of mischief that kept her sane through all those lonely evenings passed at charitable fund-raising events being fawned over by sycophants.

It is important to know how to laugh sycophantically.

Or has he just - since leaving his real band - surrounded himself with other crackheads and sycophants who will continue to humour his excesses?

Only the most sycophantic of the sycophants would even begin to make such a comparison. [In the past] there was at least a real enemy, there were real things to be done.

The desire to suck-up to “prestigious individuals” is a survival mechanism; “prestigious individuals” have leadership potential and the power to reward our sycophancy.

These politicians who boast that they are the paragons of all virtue can easily muster crowds of blindly loyal sycophants who believe that there is great benefit to be derived from such patronage.

He did his best to show enthusiasm for my sycophantic drivel.