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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • (of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.
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And she also tends to be rather taciturn, so many people who have access to her wonder what she’s really thinking.

He intends to go into management when he retires as a player, and already betrays some of the characteristics of his taciturn international mentor.

Our group was a taciturn group of actors from theater, TV, and film, and we didn’t even really meet beforehand.

I trained myself so well I now have to be careful not to be taciturn.

That taciturn man with the eyes of a kind wizard has brought about a veritable revolution in gymnastics.

One is more taciturn, accepting what goes on with a shrug.

But in her usual taciturn manner, the president kept silent, leaving it to her ministers to justify the hikes to the public.

This quiet and taciturn man has been as responsible as any individual for the rise in England’s fortunes.

He was an extremely taciturn man, so it would have been totally out of character for him to have consciously chosen to make up that sort of thing.

It was okay for boxers of 50 years ago to be taciturn, but today the champion is expected to be an entertainer.

A smart yet taciturn girl, she never complained and she always followed her instructions to the letter.

Those who worked with the taciturn Field Marshall revered him.

Friends described him as reserved, almost taciturn, but insatiably curious about science and technical processes.

He was conscious of it, but he was a taciturn man and just then he had nothing to say.

The taciturn landlord, never quite friendly, usually acceptably civil and occasionally helpful, must be a type specially bred to run such places.

He was also taciturn, but enumerated that he wanted a relationship with me.

These were a taciturn lot, slow-thinking, cautious and secretive.

Never the most outgoing of men, he remains as taciturn as ever.

Secretive and taciturn, he did not like to talk about himself and was loath to reveal too much about his thinking.…

He was a rather taciturn individual who discouraged chatter in the theatre.

The interior is wood-paneled stuffiness personified, the clientele are fairly ancient, and there’s just one waitress who will, if the restaurant is more than half full, inform you taciturnly that your food “might take a while.”

It was a period when middle-class fathers often withdrew behind taciturnity and rituals of manliness, when mothers stifled their finer feelings and aspirations behind domestic routines.

Judgment is passed on the two main actors who had been taciturnly, but coyly, perched for long hours, and have been sized up again and again under the unrelenting gaze of the critics.

After all those years of taciturnity in male cinema, the floodgates opened and we were deluged by talk.

But “Recollection” here refers not to the events directly but to those past, childish thoughts of a beautiful communion; a communion in sharp contrast to the distances and isolations in which the poem is taciturnly veiled.

But I think, too, of hours spent alone with him as an interviewer, seeking to overcome his calculated taciturnity in an exercise I likened to mining gold with a plastic teaspoon.

“Guess I was wrong then,” he mumbled taciturnly, as he faded back into the crowd of police investigators.

I asked him which books and music he took with him and he taciturnly told me they shared a few entertainment items.

I avoided his stares and finished the meal in silence, surprising Gretchen with my unaccustomed taciturnity.

He was true to his heritage in valuing hard work, frugality, practicality, and taciturnity.