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  • (of clothes) made by a tailor for a particular customer
  • a garment that has been specially made for a particular customer
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This course is tailor-made to help those responsible change their behaviour.

Training will be tailor-made to cater for the individual woman’s needs and can last from a matter of days to up to six months.

Some members who can be fitted with stock items, may choose to purchase fully tailor-made garments, and in these cases, the higher special measurement prices apply.

Future developments could also see new gene-based drugs being tailor-made to a person’s individual DNA to make them more effective in combating disease.

The weather and the soggy pitch were tailor-made for the traditional New Zealand strengths of grinding forward play, and they held the edge throughout in the front five in an unattractive encounter.

The roles of the kindly professor and Santa Claus were tailor-made for Liam Murphy, whose avuncular presence must have been very reassuring for the children at the outset.

Jill Johnson, who spearheads the award-winning programme, said each course was tailor-made to the trainees’ requirements.

Fay bounced up the stairs to try on the tailor-made pink frock-coat he’d picked up that day.

Its big advantage over mobile phones - which promise the same function - is that it is tailor-made for that purpose.

The school offers an education that is tailor-made to the needs of each pupil, enabling them to develop confidence and the skills needed to overcome whatever learning problems they may have.

In all the Assemblymen, I haven’t seen one sharp dresser, as they all wears very expensive, locally tailor-made suits.

Sanders was wearing one of his tailor-made outfits - mauve jumper, mauve trousers and matching mauve shoes.

Phonepha provides a service where tailor-made suits can be made to such exact specifications that creations are generally unique.

This form of exercise is tailor-made for women in particular, because it effectively works the hips, buttocks, legs, arms and stomach and burns tremendous body fat.

My father was a gambler who wore tailor-made silk suits and Italian shoes and had his fingernails manicured once a week.

Checking e-mail is just about tailor-made for this purpose.

For the Wake game, all Illinois fans will wear orange, even Weber, who has a tailor-made blazer of that hue.

That’s the beauty of a tailor-made suit; you won’t need to have it altered several times before it fits perfectly.

K.S.Mathangan, director, was looking for a face calm and composed but with full of venom inside and he was tailor-made for the role.

Now she and her husband have opened a small store on the island, providing tailor-made clothes, cloth and an ironing service.

Al wore a tailor-made suit, the best clothes he had worn in several years.

Spielberg was in shorts and Jurassic Park baseball cap as he chatted with Rupert Murdoch in a Savile Row tailor-made.

Young’s presented the Steeton youngster with a tailor-made chef’s outfit - complete with hat and chequered trousers - to mark his sixth birthday.

As a commodities trader she dressed in tailor-made men’s suits.

They’ll add a touch of class to your new tailor-made suit, of course.

Reputed software training centres of national and international standards can bring out students whose knowledge will be tailor-made for various applications.

Lavish silks, sparkling gems and tailor-made clothes are just some of the items available at a fraction of Irish prices.

At work he wears tailor-made suits, smart shirts and braces.

As someone with almost no talent for languages at all, I can testify that the program at Macalester was tailor-made for the study of Russian.

A programme of therapies is tailor-made for each child.