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  • (of a student) being a truant.
  • a student who stays away from school without leave or explanation.
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My friend got a call from the dean of students: Their son was truant and failing out of school.

School was more often burdensome for girls than it was for boys, although boys were slightly more truant.

The health minister instead should take recourse to the existing laws and try and effectively bring back the health department on rails and make the truant doctors more responsive.

During that time, his 14-year-old brother became truant from school and began using narcotics.

Statistical adjustments were also made based on the responses of students who indicated skipping classes in the past 30 days and being truant since school began in September.

Under the scheme, truant pupils are identified and the welfare service tries to help them.

After determining that she would not injure anyone, she had to attend school and not be truant.

Children with school refusal differ in important ways from children who are truant, although the behaviors are not mutually exclusive.

That is exactly why the Minister of Education has been putting in place programmes to ensure those young people are not truant, are not suspended; they are at school where they belong.

What is clear is that students who are doing well at school and are engaged and focused do not truant.

Police officers have begun an operation to target truant schoolchildren in the town.

Children who are truant (or “playing hooky”) are not scared to go to school the way children with school refusal are.

Educational Advocates are ex-offenders who work to bring chronically truant youth back to school.

However, students who do not attend school may be similar to alternative school students, students who are often chronically absent or truant.

He sounded like the school headmaster quietly but firmly dressing down a truant pupil.

Carlos, a painfully shy 15 year old, is chronically truant.

Had authorities followed up, critics said, they might have reached - or at least noticed - the truant students and stopped their respective attacks.

Many of the truant students claim they were stressed out by exams or had problems getting along with classmates.

Two grown daughters in the family join the truant male whenever the old man launches into story.

There the boy is captured by Jack’s colleagues, who have been commanded by the Lord to kill their truant captain.

A mother brings her truant son to school to be flogged for neglecting his studies in favour of gambling.

Here are the other truant titans, along with their stated reasons for missing the premier IFBB contest.

Perceval appointed him secretary to the Admiralty in 1809, a well-paid post which he held for 22 years, never quitting his office “without a kind of uneasiness like a truant boy”.

He said: “We often catch children that are quite vulnerable, they often truant because they have a problem at home and by catching them we can deal with that.”

Even as a fierce blizzard looms on the horizon, she finds herself with more than just a truant husband on her hands.

Having been a truant pupil himself, Mark was keen to ensure that they did not follow in his footsteps, although they were rarely excused from helping him with his own projects.

“I’ve got out,” I told him in the tone of voice parents reserve for especially truant children.

School truants are to be targeted this month as part of a joint operation by the council and police.

We will not be coming in with a hard approach, but want to work with parents to stop truanting.

In Scotland, statistics have shown that around 7% of young people truanted frequently, 17% occasionally, and 28% rarely.