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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character.
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The thought of making money at the expense of these venerable institutions was hugely tempting.

For example, the venerable Everett Ferguson writes on ordination and the authority of the congregation in the early church.

All of these are venerable human institutions that we recently decided to change.

Leading the charge against Graham was none other than Reinhold Niebuhr, the venerable professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

But when that venerable team melted into the sunset, normal service was resumed.

Yes, I did that venerable one a favor; I did what nobody else would.

The venerable abbot is himself a traitor, while Fan Dabei, the drunken beggar, turns out to be a warrior with a mission.

By then, the venerable Ron Newman had given way to former U.S. national team coach Bob Gansler, but the Wizards woes continued.

The police are also rediscovering the benefits of some of our more venerable instruments.

There is also a long and venerable family tradition of building and constructing.

This last factor will weigh particularly heavily with Egypt’s Mubarak, now the venerable elder statesman of the Arab world.

They don’t have the venerable institutions and structures of the two big parties.

The nuptial ceremony was performed by the venerable archdeacon John Murray assisted by Dean Timothy O’Connor PP.

The first stage is where a person is declared a Servant of God, the next is where the Church declares a person venerable.

Perhaps the most venerable and prestigious general scientific journal in the world is Nature.

Eugene, you are from the venerable Catholic tradition, which of course has been around a long time.

Lee Petty, the venerable patriarch, died on April 5 at age 86 of complications from a stomach aneurysm.

I wait to see whether an even more venerable Caledonian diver will now come forward.

He was also acutely aware of being part a long and venerable exegetical tradition.

Sendmail is one of the most venerable internet software packages still in widespread use.

The venerable A-level celebrates its 54th birthday this year.

In fact, Eminem seems constitutionally incapable of partaking in hip-hop’s most venerable traditions.

Rather than impose preconceived plans on a venerable company with a distinct culture, he’s going to listen first.

It was a wonderful afternoon, all of us upstarts, edgy and feisty, garnering the imprimatur of the venerable professor.

The venerable Sir Walter Scott, who self-consciously wrote romances, criticized Jane Austen for not being romantic enough.

The venerable church father approached the Bible as if he were sitting down to a beautifully presented, sumptuous banquet feast.

The ages of these veterans ranged from fifty-nine up to the patriarchal venerableness of nearly ninety.

I mean such things as nobility, venerability, solemnity.

Every thing coming to us from antiquity enjoys, according to its nature, a certain degree of venerableness.

Born in 1961, Unsuk Chin is a relative youngster compared to Boulez, who is now ( venerably ) in his eighties.