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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.
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She’d given him no instructions just as the stresses of his situation began to vex him.

thou shalt not vex a stranger

Times and editors change, and now instead of letters, the magazine chooses to vex their readers by not offering indices of back issues online.

She gets increasingly vexed by Les who insists she say particularly silly things over the airwaves.

There is something about this musical distinction that vexes me, but for the sake of the argument I’d say upbeat rock ‘n’ roll.

Yes, it’s sad that we are still vexed by the very same issues.

The question that has long vexed evolutionary biologists is whether these ornaments actually tell you anything about the genetic health of a male.

And his equanimity didn’t help matters, especially when she was vexed at him.

However, many of us were vexed at our government and the souring relations with the States.

If the Declaration inspires us with lofty ideals, the Constitution vexes us with questions of interpretation.

What vexed me enough that all those details would matter, however, was the film’s treatment of women.

However, from my perspective, it seems that the vast majority of issues distinguishing the main parties are purely cosmetic in nature and vexingly it seems that it is on these issues that the parties positions are most clear.

The problem seems to be that she sets her pieces in not-quite-exotic-enough elsewheres, and often, vexingly, in the distant and only infrequently heroic past.

Lashing out against vexers doesn’t get you a column and a half in The New York Times and editorials in 250 newspapers.

The finding sheds further light on a question that has vexed scientists for years: How do birds navigate between nesting areas separated by thousands of miles with pinpoint accuracy?

His prices were too high for the Venetian grandees, who were as careful as himself with money, whilst the religious orders vexed him with quibbles and indecision.

They are harder now for three reasons - reasons which, vexingly enough, move in different, conflicting directions.

As a Yorkshire born Aussie, the question of Scottish antipathy to the English has vexed me often.

I’m slightly vexed to find that walking is restricted to footpaths during the grouse nesting season (May to August).

As a social activist, she was vexed by the invisibility of significant sections of the community - the homeless, the overweight and the elderly.

Yesterday, he was vexed and frustrated as the weekend’s fatalities ensured a flood of calls from journalists.

Simultaneous translation is provided, but Donald Dewar is among the members vexed by the technology and his grimace is captured by photographers.

The debate about private car use in York has vexed York’s politicians and transport planners for decades.

I think I’ll ask her this question that is vexing me so.

The tortured syntax so often evident in his prose seemed to be matched only by the profundity of insight which that very syntax seemed at once to promise and vet also so vexingly.

It really vexes me to see that so many people believe that they should be able to dictate what a blogger does or does not write about.

Time will tell if the success of an otherwise brilliant car has been compromised by a system that is vexingly complicated.