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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • (especially of a person or speech) vehement or clamorous.
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In an article for Scotland on Sunday today, Galbraith issues his most vociferous criticism of the policy yet.

After World War II, the Canadian Indians became more vociferous in demanding a restoration of their rights.

People could object to anybody on moral grounds - I’m sure that some of the more vociferous nations might want to object to us!

The closure programme was pushed though against vociferous and sometimes frightening opposition.

However, Mr Moor said a vociferous minority were spreading misinformation about the genuine risks of mobile phone masts.

But Cork, driven on by a vociferous home crowd, finished well with a Paul Tierney point.

Now the Attorney came out and he was vociferous in his criticism of that decision.

Joe Leonard has been vociferous in his demands that Lissadell House be preserved.

Against this background, the brave calls of a vociferous few to sue the company and its directors ring hollow.

Further jeers, it seemed, were never far from the lips of the more vociferous elements in this splendid stadium.

Many of those who are most vociferous on the matter have been the custodians of the town’s infrastructure for years.

He was a vociferous supporter of the miners in the 70’s, and was a lifelong Labor supporter.

Kiwi Greg Turner, one of the most vociferous opponents of the ticketing policy, has had a busy few days one way and another.

The most vociferous condemnation of player behaviour in recent years has come from the media.

Those who call themselves left wing are among the most vociferous opponents of change today.

But it’s a difficult place to play in because the crowd are more vociferous than they are anywhere else.

However, despite vociferous appeals from the striker and the home crowd, referee Ian Brines waved play on.

No one was more vociferous in condemning it than Mr Walker.

There are increasingly vociferous complaints from agencies that child protection is worse then ever.

More vociferous opponents of the ID card may wish to sign this pledge also

I vociferously defend democracy on principle, but it has flaws.

No British party has supported the UN more vociferously.

Her supporters objected vociferously to being denied entry.

Labour’s Elmet MP Colin Burgon, who has campaigned vociferously for improvements to the A1, welcomed the news.

I’m not saying there aren’t theological issues, and so on, but I do think that may have something to do with the vociferousness of the debate.

On the other hand, throughout the 1970s the police lobbied with increasing vociferousness for more powers to deal with “the fight against crime”, and to resist “political” control.

These insiders speculate that Miller is to actually benefit in some sort of way because of his vociferousness in pushing this economic and environmentally risky deal.

The vociferousness of his appeal showed he felt that it should have been at least a spot kick, but the linesman, on whom he vented the venom, stared him out.

Of course, the conservatives disagreed but not very vociferously.

There are very many times that we disagree with our columnists, sometimes vociferously, but that is not the point - we are not looking for consensus.