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This word is also in the group 100 IELTS Words.
  • the highest point reached by a celestial or other object.
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Paradoxical as it may seem, such a man, to my mind, is in the same position as one at the zenith of success.

You realize that this moment represents the zenith of your success.

The center of the map is the zenith, the point in the sky directly overhead.

Once the sun reached its zenith, it was too hot to even move, let alone travel.

The method needs data collected from two satellites, one close to zenith and the other in the direction of horizon.

The whole affair was a very easygoing business; people kept eating and drinking, and, when the sun reached the zenith, they fell into a snooze where they sat.

It was a goal worthy of George Best at his zenith.

American power worldwide is at its historic zenith.

In the early 1980s the company was at its zenith.

Halfway through the set, McCracken’s antics reached a zenith when he performed a drum roll-accompanied backflip “just for Toronto.”

These objects reversed direction several times but maintained position in the sky more or less at the zenith.

It may be in the fall, though, that this place reaches its zenith.

in 1977, punk was at its zenith

the missile reached its zenith and fell

Would I opt to be 20, at the zenith of my physical and mental powers?

the sun was well past the zenith

She is in her physical prime and at the zenith of her fortunes.

For me, music is the zenith in our life, the unreachable zenith.

These spiky-haired punkers have really hit their zenith.

The conflict’s roots date back to the zenith of the British raj.

They were also sceptical about the World Council of Churches, then at its zenith of influence, and they began to preach God’s free grace from their pulpits.

Even at its zenith in the mid-20th century, mink had few rivals, with only sable and the pelts of big cats bestowing anywhere near the same prestige.

The two-hour delay in starting that morning began to take on increasing significance as the sun reached its zenith without disclosing Petersburg on the horizon.

If technology is the height of modernity, nuclear technology must be considered the zenith of that technology and its highest manifestation.

The years 1899-1919 were the zenith of Elgar’s creativity and success.

This is the zenith of engineering achievement.

The sun reached its zenith and fell steeply on the western side, and they did not notice.

Rossini was at the zenith of his career: the London papers referred to him as “the first composer of the day”.

It was, of course, the zenith of the internet boom, but also a false dawn.

under Justinian, the Byzantine Empire reached its zenith of influence